Breaking & Schooling Tack

Breaking and schooling Equipment for the Shetland pony is often difficult to find 'off the peg' and very expensive.

My breaking and schooling tack is well fitting, comfortable, durable, user friendly and requires very little care.

Made from sealed Apollo Polypropylene web, NOT a Nylon. This is the perfect material for the small pony being lightweight, soft, pliable and with a breathable waffle lining. Cleaning is easy, just wipe with a warm soapy sponge or pop it in the washing machine on a short wash at 30 degrees!


Features Stainless Steel "D" Rings, Long Rein Loops and has twin girth straps with a separate girth. Rollers come complete with a matching cushioned Crupper to prevent slipping with small trigger clip for attaching to the roller.

Up to 37" (94cm) £70.00 

38" (96cm) - 12hh (122cm) £79.50


Cushioned, breathable, lightweight and adjustable to fit accommodate the largest of tails/dock.  As standard it has Stainless Steel buckles on BOTH sides for easy fitting.



Lunging Cavesson

This is a super lightweight Cavesson, of simple design, and most importantly comfortable for the pony.

Up to 37" (94cm) £27.00 

38" (96cm) - 12hh (122cm) £29.00

Side Reins

Available either elasticated, or non elasticated. Very neat, lightweight, ample adjustment, with clips at both ends.

Elasticated - £29.00

Non Elasticated - £25.00

Long Reining Lines (Pair)

 Lightweight, durable, non slip and easy to clean.

Sure Grip reins 10ft in length as standard with a large hand loop.

Small Trigger Clip £16.00 ~ Buckle £18.50 ~ Buckle and Swivel £21.00

(If you require a specific length and/or fixtures please telephone me).

Lunge Lines

Available in 18ft (5.5m) with either a small trigger clip or leather buckle fastening.

Sure Grip Lunge Line with Brass Trigger Clip  18ft £12.00  

Tubular 1" OR Rein Web with Brass Trigger Clip  18ft £14.00

Tubular 1" OR Rein Web with Leather Buckle   18ft £16.00

(Lunge Lines are available in any length, and can be fitted with a Buckle and Swivel.

If you don't see what you want, please ask).