Bridles, Reins & Leads

Plain 1/2" M&M Bridle

The traditional and 'correct' bridle for all ridden Mountain and Moorland breeds in the show ring and every day use.

 Bridle with a plain, flat "Hunter type" Noseband, (3/4" width noseband being standard for a Shetland), and plain Browband. 

Raised browband is an additional £7.00 (as shown in the photo) 

or a plaited browband is an additional £12.00.

Made from the finest quality English Sedgwick Hide, hand cut and stitched with British stainless steel buckles and billet fittings.

Available in Havana and Black.

Made to measure for any size Shetland pony or other breed/type of pony or horse, (please don't hesitate to telephone to discuss your requirements and a price).

Tel: 07949 125195

For measurement guidance see the 'help with measuring page'.

1/2" (13mm)

Snaffle - £79.00   Double - £94.00

Nose widths available

3/4", 1.0" or 1 1/8"

Bridles do not include Reins.


Sidepull Bitless Bridle

In its simplest form it can be described as a bridle with rings at either side to which the reins are attached. Its action is similar to attaching reins to either side of a headcollar and acts by using the reins to pull the head towards the direction that the rider wants to go.

Ideal for breaking, re schooling/rehabilitation and for ponies with specific issues such as hard mouths, head tossing or putting their tongue over the bit. Equally the bridle is an excellent for the novice or young rider to use as there is no bit to pull on.

Made to measure, finest quality Sidepull bridle 

made from English Sedgwick Leather.

Soft, padded, fully adjustable noseband

Miniature Shetland, Standard Shetland and Pony


(Reins are not included)



Quality English hand stitched reins with British stainless steel buckles and billet fittings to the bit.

Available as standard in 36", 38" 42" and 44" (the length of the rein is measured with the billet fastened).

If you require a specific length or type of rein not shown, please ask, I am sure I can help.

Plain Reins ~ 3/8" width are easy to knot for small fingers to hold, or for use as a bottom/curb rein when using a Double or Pelham bridle. 1/2" plain reins are often used as an 'every day rein'.


36" 3/8" £28.00  1/2" £32.00

38" 3/8" £28.00  1/2" £32.00 

42" 3/8" £30.00  1/2" £35.00

44" 3/8" £30.00  44" 1/2" £35.00

Plaited Reins (below) ~ The most popular rein used in the Show Ring. Quality, style and grip.

1/2" 36" £52.00

1/2" 38" £54.00 

1/2" 42" £55.00   

1/2" 44" & 48" £57.00


Laced Reins ~ Often used when hunting or in WHP Classes. Good grip in wet weather.         

1/2" 36", 38" & 42" £48.00

         1/2" 44" & 48" £51.00

          5/8" 48" £55.00

Notched Reins ~ A super rein for the younger rider. Leather notches every 3" or as required.

1/2" 36" & 38" £39.00

1/2" 42" & 44" £43.00   

Half Rubber Grip ~ Underside of the rein is covered in pimple rubber.

Looks like a plain rein on the outer side but with extra grip.

 (These reins are thicker than plain reins due to being rubber lined)

36" 1/2" £35.00

38" 1/2" £37.00

44" 1/2" £40.00

48" 1/2" £44.00 5/8" 48.00



Hand Stitched, Finest English Sedgwick Leather.

Available In Havana and Black

Running Martingale ~ Shetland £44.00 ~ Small Pony £48.00

Standing Martingale ~ Shetland £38.00 ~ Small Pony £40.00


Leather Show Leads for Ridden Lead Rein Classes

Finest English Sedgwick Leather with a stainless steel buckle and looped handle

1/2" width available in two standard lengths

(any length lead made to measure, please ask)

Havana or Black

1/2" x 55" (4'6") £25.00

1/2" x 67" (5'6") £27.00



Grass Reins

Made in Apollo Web (see the Breaking and Schooling page).

Washable, lightweight for everyday use. Attached  by buckles to the front "D" rings on the saddle or pad,

and buckled to the headpiece of the bridle. 

Stops the pony pulling down to reach the grass while being ridden.

 (A measurement from the wither to poll will ensure the right length).