In Hand and Ridden Bits

 Small pony bits chosen specifically for their quality and suitability for small and 'fleshy' mouths. 

Measurements and weights are approximate. 

Size Conversion Table

 8cm (3.0")  ~  9cm (3.5")  ~  9.5cm (3.75")  ~  10cm (4.0")  ~  11cm (4.25")  ~  11.5cm (4.5")  ~  12cm (4.75")  ~  12.5cm (5.0")

DSCN0105 DSCN0110
Full Cheek Snaffle

A popular bit for the younger rider or novice pony as the long shanks create a positive action against the pony's cheek when asked to turn provides gentle guidance. The long cheek shanks also stop the bit being dragged through the pony's mouth.

Sizes: 9cm,  10cm,  11.5cm, 12.5cm

Cheek Shaft: 12cm (4.75") Ring dia: 3.5cm (1.5") Weight: 209g


Full Cheek Snaffle with Copper Mix Lozenge

Petite, lightweight bit with the same action as the Full Cheek Snaffle. Ideal for Miniature Shetlands  

Only available in Size 10cm 

Cheek Shaft: 9.5cm (3.75") Ring dia: 3cm (1.25") Weight: 200g



French Link Eggbutt Snaffle

A kind bit. The two joints ensures even pressure is distributed over the tongue and the bars of the mouth whilst reducing the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit. Ponies are also less likely to 'lean' on a bit with more than one joint.

Sizes: 9.5cm, 10cm,  11.5cm 

 Ring dia: 3.2cm (1.25") Weight:193g



Eggbutt Full Lozenge

A bit that encourages soft contact, ideal for a young pony or a pony that is very 'busy' with it' mouth

Sizes: 9cm,  10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Ring dia: 4.5cm (1.75") Weight:196g



KY Rotary Single 'Pea' Jointed Hanging Cheek

KY A very popular bit for small mouths, especially lead rein and first ridden ponies. 
The 'rotary' movement of the KY bit mouthpiece is not restricted like a conventional jointed bit.
Two years of extensive tests have resulted in;
      1. Perfect ball centre swivel joint/s rotate freely 360 degrees independently. Thus preventing painful pinching of the tongue and lips. Independent movement also prevents ponies being unintentionally pulled in the mouth by young riders.
      2. The smooth centre ball joints enable the two sides of the bit to turn independently of each other in a smooth and silent movement.

Sizes: 10cm, 11.5cm

Ring dia: 3cm (1.25") Weight: 170g



Beval Jointed Bit

Basically, a modified loose ring snaffle that allows the rider to apply a moderate degree of leverage with the reins, and has two strength options. 1) Attach the reins to the small bottom ring for maximum fixed leverage or, 2) attach the reins to the main, large ring for less leverage.

Sizes: 9cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Ring dia: 5.5cm (2.25") Weight:186g



Beval French Link

Like the jointed Beval bit there are two ways to use this bit. The reins can be attached to the large, snaffle ring which will have minimal lip and poll leverage. Attach the reins to the lower, fixed ring, this increases the lip and poll pressure all the more. Being double jointed this is seen to be a milder bit than a single jointed bit. Used correctly this bit can assist riders who need a little extra help. 

Sizes: 9cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Ring dia: 5.5cm (2.25") Weight: 179g



Magic or Cambridge Bit

A superb, mild bit with a straight mouthpiece and a gentle port, being thin enough to allow plenty of room for the tongue and therefore more comfortable for the pony. The 'magic' bit often encourages the pony to relax and accept the contact far more than a jointed bit.

Sizes: 9cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Ring dia: 4.2cm (1.5") Weight 133g



Port Mouth Butterfly Pelham

A favorite Pelham, (2 reins),worn by small breeds as the cheek pieces are neat and short. The mouthpiece has a low port which allows extra tongue room. Useful both as a driving and ridden bit.

Sizes: 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Cheek Piece: 10.2cm (4.0") Bottom Ring dia: 2.5cm (1.0") Weight: 250g



French Link Butterfly Pelham

Useful, sympathetic Pelham bit for both driving and ridden ponies. The double joint is often the softer option and often stops ponies leaning on the bit and helps with forward contact.

Sizes: 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Cheek Piece: 10.2cm (4.0") Bottom Ring dia: 2.5cm (1.0") Weight: 248g



Loose Ring Breaking Bit

The smallest breaking bit available

Sizes: 9.5cm, 10cm 

Ring dia: 4.8cm (2.0") Weight 200g



Nylon Mullen Mouth In Hand Bit                                                                     

Neat brass, loose rings. Nylon mouthpiece widely used by young stock and mares in hand.

Sizes: 9cm, 9.5cm, 10cm, 10.5cm, 11.5cm, 12cm, 12.5cm

Ring dia: 4.2cm (1.5") Weight: 72g



Brass Horseshoe Stallion Bit 

Straight Mouthpiece

Quality Steel with Decorative Brass Horseshoe Rings

The traditional bit for stallions four years old and over, shown in hand.

The bit has a milder smooth side or, for more control, a ridged side.

Sizes: 9cm (by special order), 9.5cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, 12.5cm

Horseshoe dia: 4.5cm (1.75") Weight: 218g



Brass Horseshoe Stallion Bit

Single Jointed (Eggbutt) Mouthpiece

The same Quality bit as the straight mouthpiece version but with a smooth steel, jointed mouthpiece.

Narrower mouthpiece and therefore weighs less.

Sizes: 9cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, (other sizes by special order)

Horseshoe dia: 4.5cm (1.75") Weight: 202g


DSCN0131 1

Brass Ring, Steel Mullen Mouth Bit

In Hand Bit

A quality steel bit with very neat brass rings. An excellent alternative bit for ponies shown in hand that disrespect or chew nylon bits! This super lightweight bit with it's narrow mouthpiece is ideal for small mouths.

Sizes: 9cm, 9.5cm, 10cm, 11.5cm (other sizes by special order)

Ring dia: 2.9cm (1.25") Weight: 88g



Brass Ring, Steel Jointed Mouth Bit

In Hand Bit

The same Quality bit as the Mullen Mouth but with a single jointed, (Eggbutt), Mouthpiece.

Sizes: 9cm, 9.5cm, 10cm, 11.5cm (other sizes by special order)

Ring dia: 2.9cm (1.25") Weight: 73g


In Hand Couplings and Brass Chain

If you require a 'Bespoke' Coupling or Chain, please give me a call.


2 Way English Leather Coupling 

Leather with Solid Brass Ring and Buckles.

Stocked in two sizes.

Miniature Pony Length: 12.5cm (5.0")


Small Pony Length: 20cm (7.75") 


Brass Newmarket Coupling (Pony)

Quality, Solid Brass Coupling 

Overall Length inc. clips: 25.5cm (10")



3 Way Leather Coupling

Length: 17.8cm (7.0") 



Brass Pony Chain 10" (excluding clip)

A Solid Brass, Lightweight, Small Link, Chain.

Any length available to order, please ask.

Chain Weight: 86g


Curb Chains


Leather Curb Chains

Sizes: Small Pony and Pony

Havana or Black 


Elastic Curb Chains

Brown or Black 


Double Link Curb Chain

Pony Size 


Postage for one bit £3.70 Postage for a coupling or brass chains £1.50 

Postage for a curb chain £1.00